Wednesday 29 July 2015

The Guards brigade

I decided to start with something really simple, the Guards brigade. It is a very symbolic unit, well-know for their resilience at Inkermann.

This brigade had three battalions, under General Bentick:
3rd Bat, Grenadier Guards
1st Bat, Coldstream Guards
1st Bat, Scots Guards

I used the Pendraken Guards, simply because they were easy to paint , in their greatcoats.  Sadly, there was only one standard bearer, so I made one little conversion cutting the rifle from one of the guards to replace it with a pin. It should do the trick.

Sorry about the surexposed pictures, but the light is a bit tricky today. Anyway, what you have here are 3 units of 3 bses each, which roughly equals to 2700 men, according to my rules. They would also be rated as Elite for morale purposes, equipped with rifles. As for special abilities, they would be steadfast, and would probably have the good fire discipline. Tough hombres, but not very numerous. For instance, a snigle Russian regiment would be 12 bases strong. And a Russian brigade has two such regiments...

Monday 27 July 2015

Back to the brushes! With a new project: 19th century Europe

Hello everyone.

I'm finally back after quite a long time it seems. To be honest with you, I went through a phase where painting did'nt matter much to me, and blogging as well since it was all about painting and gaming. I hope my return will be more permanent, though it will be short since I will be going on a family holidays next week. At the moment, I'm with my parents, and my daughter, so I have a bit of time to paint.

Quite a lot happened since my last post. I was offered a real teaching post, of which I have been dreaming for the past 4 years. Finally. The downside is I had to work more to get noticed and was therefore exhausted during the evenings.

To get me remotivated, I started a new project, leaving aside the Ancients for a while. I wanted to play the wars of 19th Century Europe for quite some time. I've taken the bait, and I've started this new project, which I could call "The sun never sets". But I prefer the French title, based on the motto of the 3rd Chasseurs d'Afrique: " Tant qu'il en restera un!" ("As long as there is still one of us!", roughly).

What is it about? Well, it simply is my own set of home rules to play those wars, intended to be easy to pick up, fast, brutal, and with enough chrome to enjoy. And the first step is: The Crimean war in 10mm. I've picked some army packs from Pendraken, and have started painting them. Hopefully I will have enough to play with rapidly.

The Scots Guards

French Infanterie de ligne

So Long!