Saturday 19 July 2014

Paint Table Saturday: ready for the holidays

Hi everyone.

I told you I had picked up my brushes once again. Today is a bit special, since I'm going for three weeks in places where I won't be able to be connected. But at the same time, I should have enough spare time to paint a bit. I have therefore prepared some stuff:

A small batch of 16 Xyston hoplites  I inted to paint as some sort of black guard, of some tyrant. And next, a s***load of Romans, from Old Glory and Essex. They were amongst my first minis, at a time when you had to buy what you could lay your hands on.... But more importantly, why Romans!!!! I keep saying that I hate Romans. Well, they're for my Spartacus army, and some other projects too ;)

See you in a bit more than 3 weeks.

Thursday 17 July 2014

Syracuse versus Bosphorans: the third episode in my epic saga

Hello everyone.

Being on holidays at your parents' home has a certain appeal: food, nice change of scenery, big garden, and lots of free time without your child...

I've prepped a lot of minis to paint this coming weeks, and I also take time to create videos about my games. Those batreps take a bit of time to do, but I really enjoy doing it. I hope you do too.

Anyway, this time, I played against Karoline, a very nice young woman from Northern France. Though young, she is experienced, and I knew my Syracusan army would be in for a tough game.

Tuesday 15 July 2014

A new episode in my Art de la guerre Saga

Hi everyone. Long time, no post. I must confess I haven't be very faithful to the blogging community lately, not reading as ,any blogs as i wanted to, not leaving enough comments... Truth is; I'm on holidays, and I've enjoyed some quiet days without my daughter at home, to paint a bit. Expect a lot to come after I come back in August.

Meanwhile, here is my second game in the Normandy tournament. Hope you enjoy.

Wednesday 2 July 2014

My tournament in Normandy-part I

Hello everyone. Here it is, the first part of my Art de la guerre tournament. My army faced an Indian army. Lots of fun during that game. And by the way, the V3 of the rules should be published in September OFFICIALLY, both in French and English. We are testing the changes, which sound promising.

Salut a tous. Voici donc mon premier compte-rendu du tournoi de Montivilliers. Syracuse affronte les Indiens. On s'est franchement bien amuses. Et on va tester les changements de la V3 de la regle, qui va sortir en septembre.


Tuesday 1 July 2014

Choices of the week#25

Oh the shame! Oh the horror! Once again I forgot to do my review last week. Well, blogging is seriously disrupted by the major event of the moment, and I admit watching a lot of games on TV. Besides, I 've had some administrative stuff to do, related to my next year temporary new job. I'll be finally able to teach in front of classes! Hurray!

Quelle honte! Je vais me flageller avec des orties fraiches pour expier ma faute: ne pas avoir publié ma revue de blogs la semaine dernière. Certes il y a les matchs de coupe du monde a regarder, et je dois me preparer pour mon nouveau boulot de remplaçant l'an prochain, mais ce ne sont pas des excuses.