Monday 26 May 2014

Choices of the week #20 and celebration

First of all, Thanks to Gregory Geilman, I'm now over 200 followers! Thanks everyone!

Now, onto the review, under a rainy day... It might be the day I finally pick up my brushes, again, after a month...

Wednesday 21 May 2014

Greek generals

I noticed I had completely forgotten to upload the pics of my Greek generals. Silly me. So, this will be a short post, but lots of nice pics, hopefully. The horsemen are from Essex. Otherwise, everything is from Xyston.

Je me suis rendu compte que j'avais oublie de publier les photos de mes generaux. Quel becasson. Voici donc l'erreur reparee.

My favourite one, very grim

for the black cloak, I used black, dark grey, a dark brown drybush and a black wash . I like the result. It feels very heavy, leathery

Tuesday 20 May 2014

Choices of the week #19

Hello everyone.
The sun is finally here, and I'm sure you've been enjoying it. I sure did. Nonetheless, I've read the blogs and managed to write my compilation, though I didn't paint at all. I know I also have a lot of batreps to write.They will come. And sorry for not having published this post yesterday, but I didn't have access to my PC since Saturday.

Salut a tous. D'abord, desole du retard de publication, mais je n'avais pas acces au PC, donc un peu de retard. Et puis, j'ai profite du soleil durant le week-end, car il etait temps. En attendant, je n'ai pas touche une fig, et j'ai du retard egalement sur les batreps. Tout va venir, il faut que je me bouge un peu.

Wednesday 14 May 2014

Greeks on parade: my 15mm Syracusan army

Before writing the batreps from my first tournament in years, it's time to show the minis I painted for the occasion. As  I had told you before, I had a week to paint half of my army. And I had finished it the night before the first game. To make this possible, I played a Syracusan army, for many reasons: I had the minis painted or not, it's not a very popular army, though with a lot of potential, and I wanted to test the artillery in the game.

Avant d'ecrire les comptes-rendus, voici les figs que j'ai peintes en un temps record pour le tournoi de Montivilliers. Il s'agissait pour moi de jouer une armee Syracuse, et ce pour plusieurs raisons: j'avais les figs, peintes ou non, ce n'est pas une armee tres populaire, meme si elle a du potentiel, et je voulais tester l'artillerie.
J'ai utilise essentiellement des encres et lavis pour aller le plus vite possible, et parfois cela se voit. Tout d'abord les tirailleurs, dont la peau a ete traitee au smoke de Vallejo. Je ne suis pas convaincu: quand ca marche, le rendu est tres bon, sinon, c'est tres moyen, j'ai fini par passer au Devland Mud ou son equivalent chez Army painter.

I used a lot of inks and washes to paint as fast as possible, and sometimes, it shows. First, the skirmishers:

I tried Vallejo's smoke as a wash for the skin. Not bad, but very fidly to apply, and the result doesn't satisfy me. So I switched to Devland mud ( or the Army painter equivalent), and it worked better.

Puis les jeveliniers, la phalange de citoyens, l'artillerie et de la cavalerie. Les transferts sont de chez LBMS. Plus jamais je ne les utiliserai! 

Next, the javelinmen, the citizen phalanx and one base of cavalry.

Shields decals from LBMS. Never again!

And to finish the army review, the heavy artilley:

Monday 12 May 2014

Choices of the week#18

First of all, my sincere apologies for not having published my weekly review last Monday. But to be fair, I had just come back home from France, with my daughter, and after a two days tournament.
This week was also very quiet after my painting frenzy, and also because I can't play the lonely caveman when my in-laws are with us, can I? So It's now time to resume our routine, and I assure you I will post a lot more, since I have a lot to show you, and a lot of batreps to write down.

Here we go

Bon, tout d'abord, mes plus plates excuses pour ne pas avoir publie la semaine derniere, mais a mon credit, je venais juste de rentrer de France, avec ma fille, et apres deux jours de tournoi. Bref, un poil claque le Seb. Et apres toute cette frenesie de peinture, je ne me sentais pas de blogger immediatement, surtout qu'en plus, avec mes beaux-parents presents, jouer au solitaire, ca le faisait pas vraiment. Donc, cette fois, tout est normalement pare pour la reprise. On y va.

Thursday 1 May 2014

More WIPs, in biblical proportions

Hello everyone.
Those of you who don't work today, just enjoy it, and probably the following week-end too. For the rest of the world, well, good luck.
Anyway. Tomorrow, I'll take the train at 6.30AM to Lyon, to attend the tournament the following morning. It will be a double with a biblical theme. I convinced Clive from my London club to attend with me, so we will be the first British team ( though not the first British players) to play in an Art de la Guerre tournament. Thankfully, the umpire has most of the minis we need to play our army, so I only had a few to paint, and they're almost done. Just the touch-ups and basing, and we'll be ready to go.

4 chariots, and 2 units of heavy infantry. All the minis are from Essex. I had bought them at Warfare, and I wanted to present the chariots for Curt's challenge, but couldn't find a painting scheme I liked, so left them as is. Now they'll be painted in red, and i know they'll go faster ;)