Saturday 29 June 2013

A new convention, and a good book

First of all, James, the exiles painter, has managed to transform one of his ideas, a convention of wargaming bloggers, into reality. In November, if you happen to go to Nottigham, you'll be available to attend what could be a new kind of event, hosted by the guys from Wargames Foundry. He set-up a new blog to give some info about it, but I asked him if I could design a website for it, and James kindly agreed. Cool. Now it's time to work!

I also have an idea for a game: this could be the opportunity to host a demo of Art de la guerre, whose English version will be published-it's now official- between September and October, Of course, I would bring my 28mm army.

Friday 28 June 2013

Uninspiring bowmen

The week-end is almost there, and with it the prospect of evening painting sessions. Hmmmm. But before that, Imanaged to finish painting two more bowmen for my 28mm army. So, why did I write "uninspiring" then? Well, to be honest, I've been slightly disappointed by this Foundry pack. The minis look almost identical, which is a shame. On the other hand, I got it on a discount, so... They still look good to me, but I didn't have any inspiration for the shield, so, sorry about that. On the left one, I tried to paint a squinting eye. After all, you need to close one of your eye to adjust your sight.

Le week-end approche, et avec lui la promesse de soirees de peinture. Miam. Mais en attendant, j'ai reussi a peindre mes deux archers pour en faire des tirailleurs. J'ai ete assez peu inspire sur ce coup, je ne savais pas trop quoi faire pour les boucliers. Desole. De plus, les poses sont quasi-identiques. Dommage, surtout pour des tirailleurs, mais je ne vais pas faire mon difficile vu que je les ai eus en soldes. J'ai egalement essaye de peindre l'un d'entre eux avec un oeil clos, plus facile pour viser ;)

Thursday 27 June 2013

Slingers done!

The week doesn't seem to have started well. I had an interview last week, the first one in 10 months. They told me I would get an answer this week-end. Well, we're halfway through the new week, and still no answer. F****. Am I going to stand 10 more months without any proper job?

Ah well. After having primed some 28mm minis, I started with the four skirmishers, and I managed to finish two of them, two slingers from Foundry. They had some flash, especially one, and despite my efforts, I found new molding lines after the primer. Sh**!

Anyway, here they are. I tried a new recipe for the flesh, and I quite like it, so I'll keep it. Cheers.

urgh! moulding lines

Bon, on ne peut dire que la semaine a bien commence. LA semaine derniere, j'ai eu ma premiere interview en 10 mois. Et on me repond que j'aurai la reponse dans le week-end. Bon, la semaine est a moitie ecoulee, et rien.. Merde! J'aimerai bien trouver un vrai boulot. 

Bon, passons. Apres avoir sous-couche les figs, je me suis occupe des tirailleurs Foundry. Et j'ai termine les deux premiers frondeurs. Petit probleme, une d'entre elles avait pas mal de lignes de moulage, et malgre mes efforts, j'en ai trouve d'autres apres la sous-couche. Put***.

Monday 24 June 2013

Slowly moving in, more 28mm on the way

Right. First of all, Johnny Rosbif has reached the 100k milestone, and is doing a book giveaway. The 4 books he's offering look interesting enough for you to drop by and give it a try.

Now, onto business. I've decided to continue painting my 28mm army, and this time, I've primed enough minis to paint a phalanx unit. I've also added 4 skirmishers, and I think I'll start with them. In the background, you can see the first based minis. it's not completely finished, but should be done this week.

Salutations. Tout d'abord, Johnny Rosbiff a depasse les 100k hits, et a donc organise une petite loterie pour gagner 4 bouquins tout a fait interessants. Allez-y donc et tentez votre chance.

De mon cote, j'ai decide de continuer a peindre mes 28mm, et j'ai donc sous-couche de quoi faire 4 tirailleurs et plein de phalangites. Enfin plein... de quoi faire une unite quoi. En arriere-plan, vous pouvez voir mes premieres figs sur leur socle, pas encore tout a fait termine. Je vais m'en occuper cette semaine.

Tuesday 18 June 2013

2 for 1: 28mm Mounted companions

If I find enough time to paint a bit, blogging hasn't been on my priority list lately, as you can imagine. I've been busy giving last minute lessons to pupils right before their exams, and with my IT evening lessons, well, let's just say I rather going to bed, reading a book, or paint a layer or two on my minis.

I've managed to finish, a few days ago, two more Mounted companions for my Hellenic army. As usual now, they're from Foundry. Now, all I need to do is base them, and then, onto my next batch: 28mm pikemen, or 15mm slaves. Don't know yet.

Meme si j'ai un peu de temps de pour peindre, blogger me soule un peu en ce moment. J'ai donne pas mal de cours de derniere minute a des gamins pour finir leurs revisions de bac/ brevet, et si j'y ajoute mes cours du cours en informatique, ben je prefere ensuite lire un bon bouquin, ou alors passer une couche ou deux sur les figs. Bref. J'ai toutefois reussi a terminer deux cavaliers Foundry, et il ne me reste plus qu'a les socler maintenant. Et pour la suite, ben, au choix, des piquiers 28mm ou bien des esclaves en 15mm.

Tuesday 11 June 2013

Charrrge! My first 28mm mounted: Foundry Companion

I've spent the last few days painting new 28mm for my Successor army. I really like the idea of the 100 Ancients painting club at the lead adventure forum. Nothing like a comman project to keep you motivated. So, after my four skirmishers, it was time to go mounted. And here is the first one from a group of three which will be mounted on a base, to represent a unit of heavy cavalry for Art de la guerre.

 J'ai passe les derniers jours a continuer la peinture de mon armee 28mm. Franchement, rien de mieux qu'un projet commun, comme celui du LAF ou du forum jeuxdeguerre pour entretenir les pinceaux. Cette fois j'ai decide de faire des montes, et voici donc le premier compagnon d'un groupe de trois pour faire ma petite plaquette.

I had told you I would do some experiments. Well, the flesh is a bit different, and I've started blendings on the coat. I'm getting there, though it's hard.

En ce qui concerne mes experiences, j'ai change ma maniere de faire la chair, et je me lance dans le blending, sur le manteau.

Saturday 1 June 2013

The 28mm snake... Ok, another skirmisher

I'm in a good mood. My painting mojo seems to be back. And indeed I've finished another Foundry miniature. It's a javelinman from the same blister. Once again, I've tried a free hand on the shield. I think I'm getting there. Painting 28mm is very different to what I'm used to. I know I've painted some Gripping Beast stuff, but it's not the same. This time, I really enjoy it, and want to try some experiments.

J'ai l'impression que mon envie de peindre revient. J'ai en effet termine une nouvelle fig de chez Foundry, un nouveau javelinier. La encore, le bouclier est peint de mes blanches mimines, et je vous avoue y prendre vraiment du plaisir. Certes j'ai deja peint des Gripping Beast, mais bof. La par contre, c'est completement different. J'ai meme envie de faire des experiences de peinture, c'est vous dire. Bref le voici, et a venir, de la cavalerie:

Anyway, here it is:

Next, probably some cavalry ;)