Wednesday 23 October 2013

Some preparations during the holidays

I often read bloggers saying they would paint more than usual because they're on holidays. How true I would like that to be. My holidays are at the same time as my daughter's, who is 3 1/2... So, while convenient because I won't have to pay someone to take care of her, it also means I won't have time for myself, except when she's asleep from 8.45PM. And by then I'll be exhausted; she's so energetic.

Je lis souvent que les bloggueurs vont avoir le temps de peindre maintenant qu'ils sont en vacances. J'ainerais que cela soit vrai. Les miennes tombent en meme temps que ma petite, qui est une vraie pile Duracel de 3 1/2 ans. Bref, si c'est economique, c'est crevant et surtout je ne peux prendre le pinceau qu'a partir de 20.45, une fois qu'elle dort, et donc je suis un chouia mort de fatigue. Donc on verra.

Tuesday 22 October 2013

Battle of Woodcorner house- May 1863- A Longstreet game

This is an after action report from a fictional battle, using Longstreet ACW rules. After this reading, you will find some thoughts about these rules.

Voici un compte-rendu de partie fictif sur une bataille jouee avec Longstreet. Apres ce CR, vous trouverez mon avis sur ce systeme.

Wednesday 2 October 2013

Painting inspiration: Don Troiani

As you know, I've been bit by the ACW bug. I now know which brigade I'll paint. Since I wanted to start the long campaign from Longstreet, I decided to play units which actually fought in 1861. I won't tell you which ones, but it should be colourful, hopefully.

So, in order to get motivated, and have some information about them, I had ordered some books, and chosen the ones illustrated by the paintings from Don Troiani. Browsing through the net, I found the 5 I was interested in, and managed to get them for less the £5 each. Very good bargain to be honest. Don Troiani is really talented, and his paintings can be qualified as wargamers porn. If you like ACW obviously.

I'm still waiting for the last 2

Comme vous le savez, j'ai fini par succomber au virus guerre de secession, grace a Longstreet, et surtout a cause de Fred et Denis. je ne vous remercie pas les gars. J'ai fait mon choix parmi les differentes brigades ayant combattu des 1861, car voulant faire la grande campagne, je voulais partir sur quelque chose d'historique. Je ne vous en dirai pas plus pour le moment car il me faut maintenant commander les figs. Tout ce que je peux vous reveler, c'est que cela sera colore. J'aime la couleur et les habits seyants, avec eventuellement des frous-frous, de la dentelle (oups je m'egare).

Donc, pour entretenir la motivation, tout en recuperant des infos sur ces unites, j;ai commande des bouquins, tous illustres par les oeuvres de Don Troiani. Apres quelques recherches sur le net, j'avais trouve mes futurs livres de chevet, desormais recus, pour la modique somme de £5 livres chacun, ce qui fait, quoi, moins de 6 euros chacun. Ce fut vraiment une bonne affaire. Don Troiani est vraiment un peintre de talent, et, si vous aimez la guerre de secession, ses oeuvres font vraiment saliver. Bref, notre porno a nous, quoi.

Tuesday 1 October 2013

En route to Victory: the assembly line

Now that my British test figure has been approved, I've started the block painting. My goal is to paint the unit in one go, so it could be faster. Thus I could go on with my other projects, warming up before Curt's painting challenge. I will also start writing down the paints references I used to get them done, so I can share them with you. I know it's a short post, but hey, I'm knackered. I'm also writing a batrep that is long overdue, and I have some minis to buy, since I've been paid ;)