Friday 16 December 2011

Of Glue and Sand

Nothing fancy today, I finally decided to base my Carthaginian army, before everything goes out of control. So I took my PVA and some sand from my last trip to the Atlantic ocean, and after 30 minutes, voilà:

You can see on the upper right corner the last two units of light horse I have to finish painting.

Rien de bien spécial aujourd'hui. Afin d'éviter une totale démotivation devant la tâche, j'ai retroussé mes manches (pas trop il fait froid) j'ai pris ma colle et mon sable venu droit de mes vacances chez mes parents, et hop, 30 minutes plus tard, l'armée était sablée. Il ne me reste plus que queques éléments à peindre et socler, et l'armée sera terminée.


  1. PVA and sand...nothing beats it :-D
    The best..I find is that it gives the stands/bases some weight, they sit really well on the table.

  2. They look great together; so these based for FoG? Best, Dean

  3. Very nicely done. I'd like to echo Dean's question - what are these based for? It looks like you've gone for double-depth DBx elements for med/heavy foot. Is this for Impetus and Hail Caesar?

    (I ask because I'm mulling over how best fo move from DBx bases myself)


  4. Il nous tarde de voir cette armée au complet...

  5. sometimes the easiest really is the best your figures are really looking very nice

  6. Thanks all.
    @DeanM and Prufrock: my units are based for a French Ruleset, Art de la guerre, which is an hybrid between DBx and FOG, though "hybrid" might seem a poor choice of words. the rules are better than that.