Sunday 16 March 2014

Choices of the week #11

Sometimes, they win. The arena is a cruel place
The sun is finally showing its glow, and we can feel its warmth. We, at last, can go outside to prime and varnish our minis. Soon enough, it will be hotter, and the skirts will be shorter... Now wait a minute. Anyway, it's time for our weekly review.

Le soleil pointe le bout de son... rien du tout, c'est une boule de gaz. En tout cas, il fait plus chaud et on en profite. Bientot, la chaleur va s'installer et les jupes vont raccourcir.

We'll start with more news from Studio Tomahawk. Another blogger happened to be at their special event, and tokk a lot of pictures, including some with informations:
What do we learn? The WW1 game will be in 10mm, with specially produced minis, about the fateful summer of 1914. It's a strategic game, where you will be a division or army general. Apparently, it is based on intel you will receive, orders you will give, and a special tempo, time flow of the battle.

The Congo! game is set in Darkest Afrika, and is about skirmish fighting between the tribes and the European powers. You should play it with around 30-40 minis each. Clearly you can see some adventurers too in the pictures. So wait and see.

We can now go back to our usual columns, starting with the batreps.
First, a not very often seen ruleset, ARMATI, has been used to do an English civil war game. Interesting, to say the least:

Next, the follow-up of an imaginary Napoleonic battle in Spain, using Black Powder, in a school. It's always nice to see young people getting interested in our hobby:

Another not often seen ruleset, Blitkrieg Commander, this time, set in 1941, with 6mm. Some of them are really neatly painted.

Not really a batrep, but John Murrie has played a bit with the new GW dwarves, and has some interesting infos about how to use them. Hey, I'm a dwarf lover, so bugger off you sissy pointy ears f*****:

A test tun for a Fall-Out game. I already had mentionned the scenery previously, but now it is used to good effect:

And finally, lots of pics from the Cold War convention. I really dig the zombie apocalypse.

A bit of info about one of the next OSprey wargames rules: Lion rampant:

It's now time to have a look at the wonderful world of the minis.
First, this blogger has started doing a 15mm TAU army. Worth the try, and much cheaper than GW:

A serie of very informative comparison shots between 15mm Sci-Fi colonial marines:

Next, some very nice Celtic cavalry, in 28mm. Painting stripes and checkers can be a pain:

More Gauls, and just because Simon never stopped hating those Gauls:

A bit of pulpy glamour, with a couple of nice female characters, meaning they're dangerous:

My favourite this week: a diorama in 54mm about Camerone. It is still wip, but you have two minis here. Truly inspiring:

Roman has painted a very nice Hasselfree Drow. Those who played DnD remember them. Or maybe Neverwinter Nights, Baldur's gate? Gosh, I miss those games.

Still in the fantasy realm, a GW LOTR troll, very well painted, and with some colours information!

There. As you can see, a pretty busy week it was.

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