Tuesday 11 March 2014

Sgt Steiner-It's James Coburn-not

If you can recall, I had already posted Hptmn Stransky, posing as a villain. Well, it was obvious Sgt Steiner would be a hero. And indeed he is one of my favourite movie characters: a battle-hardened veteran, who doesn't expect anything from anyone. Just doing his job to survive the atrocities and stupidity of the war on the Eastern Front. Betrayed, survived, and finally went into battle laughing... But at what? Stransky or the war?

Honestly, when you're 9, you're fascinated. And indeed James Coburn is one of my favourite actors. The mini is a former Chiltern miniatures, now SHQ. I had told Stransky was bad, but this Steiner doesn't look like Steiner at all. What's with the head? Ah well, I did my best, especially with the vest, which has 4 different layers. I'm trying more blending when painting 28mm.


  1. Très joli travail...et très bon sujet!

  2. Sebastien, nice effort, but the miniature lets you down. You should have a go with either the 1st Corps version of Steiner and his men:


    or the version by Warlord Games:


    Happy gaming,
    Jan, Copenhagen


  3. Thanks for your information, now in this new version there are so many new feature and bugs fix.