Monday 31 March 2014

Choices of the week #13

What what what! This review is published on Monday! Indeed it is. After reflexion, I've come to consider the practicality of the Monday post for the review, since it allows me to read a bit more posts, published during the evening/night. So, from now on, The weekly review will be online on Mondays. Cheerio

La vague bleue et le remaniement ne sont  rien en comparaison de ce post. En effet, je change mon habitude, avec desormais la publication de ma revue des blogs les lundis au lieu des dimanche. La raison est simple: je ratais toujours quelques posts que je ne savais ou mettre. Le mal est donc repare.

Let's start with the batreps, and first, we have a Steampunk rescue attempt of Her Majesty:

A bit of Dead's Man Hande:

One of the "interesting-as-always" games by Postie, this time in the Sudan:

A bit of 25mm ACW, using Fortune and Glory:

And another Postie game! This time set in the Ancient Rome, where sneaky and bastardly Romans try to impose their rule over a nice tribe, by taking hostages and plunder!

Now, a bit of Do-it-yourself, starting with some nice trenches. Pretty clear, so I might have a go myself:

A TV building. Always worth a look at, since we could use the inspiration. So far, two parts are published:

And if you want to work on your jungle scenery, this is for you:

And now the pure eye-candy, with first the Lusignans arriving at Acre, in 28mm. And don't miss the other post, when the King of France makes an appearance ;)

Then, a bit of MADNESS! This is a SPARTA army, in 15mm:

Just for the sheer pleasure of drooling over Saxon Dog's wonderful shieldwork:

Next, some very nice 28mm mounted Frankish knights, ready to charge at the infidels:

Time to have a look at the smaller scales, with first some 10mm Seleucid cataphracts:

And then a bit of Prussian Nappy, in 6mm, from Ian. I really struggle with this scale, and can only paint tanks:

Speaking of tanks, you'll find some exquisite examples of pure Soviet Cold war design here, in 15mm:


  1. Ouh là là, les changements d'habitude j'aime pas trop moi, mon dimanche soir se transforme en lundi soir? Bon, d'accord, mais que les choix soient aussi bons que cette fois alors! Joli boulot Seb, à +...

  2. I like what you with these a lot, nicely done Seb.

  3. I think I do a good job following, and then I come here and see all that I missed. Thanks Seb!

  4. Oh thanks for the shout out, the little fellows are easier with good light, honest


  5. And then there's me, who is doing sod all since the Challenge.

    Great links Seb!

    1. Ah, but Anne, you will always have a place in my heart, or in my review ;)


  6. Thanks for this post Queader! Now I've got to get on and implement more thank you..



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