Wednesday 4 July 2012

An Epic SAGA: 2nd point done!

Hi gents, and ladies. No, I didn't paint this last point in one go, in less than a day. Though I started last Friday. I used a new technique, based on white primer, inks, paints and washes. It's far from being perfect at the moment, because I'm still experimenting, but I have some ideas now, and it is fast. About 5 hours to paint those guys. You will excuse me about the pics quality but the weather is, shall we say, a bit rainy. Figures again from Gripping Beast. They were not so good this time, full of flash in small or hidden areas, Impossible to remove completely without hacking into the minis. Sad. Anyway. Now I'm onto my Third point, which who be far easier to do ;)

Non, je n'ai pas peint cette unite en une journee. Pour etre honnete, je l'ai commencee vendredi dernier, utilisant ma nouvelle technique: sous-couche blance, encres, peintures et lavis. C'est loin d'etre parfait mais je debute, j'experimente. Toutefois, je peux dire que ca va plus vite, car l'unite etait terminee en 5h environ. Les figs sont des GRipping Beasts, meme si la gravure etait moins bonne avec des defauts de moulage dans des endroits difficiles d'acces, impossibles a supprimer sans detruire la fig. Dommage.


  1. Rainy? In England? Never...
    To be honest, it's raining here in France too. Anyway, the washes really bring out the folds in the cloths and faces, could be a winner???

  2. Sur les photos elles donnent un bel effet en tout cas! Beau travail!

  3. Bravo Seb!
    5h00 les 12 x 28mm, c'est du beau boulot!
    et le résultat pour des premiers tests est concluant, en affinant le truc et avec l'habitude ça va carburer;-)


    thefrenchjester " ink on the figures, not on his arms ;-) "

  4. So, you're washing over white? In layers?

    1. well, I ink first, then do some layers with paints, and then wash. it seems to be working

  5. The pictures are a bit dark, but of what I can see these are excellent painted!