Monday 9 July 2012

SAGA: 1+1=6

Hi there. Yesterday was the last day for our painting comp between Vincent, Benoit and I. Both Benoit and Vincent failed to achieve 6 points, but managed to paint 4 SAGA points. Well, I can announce I've painted 5 SAGA points, 6 if my warlord, also painted is Harald ;) which I intend to do. Erm, I confess the paintjob is barely tabletop, but I hate plastic. The minis are Wargames Factory plastics Tamsin sold me last Thursday, to represent 2 points of Hearthguards ;). I might go later for one point of warriors, just in case.

Vincent et Benoit ont annonce avoir rate leur POM SAGA, a savoir peindre 6 points pour SAGA. Ils en ont tout de meme peint 4 c'est deja pas mal. Bon, la peinture est moyenne, mais franchement je n'ai pas aime peindre ces figs plastique de chez Wargames Factory. Elles representent 2 points de Hearthguards, et avec mon heros Harald, j'arrive a 6 points. J'ai juste oublie de sortir mon heros, mais il est peint egalement ;)


  1. Hello !

    De mon point de vue, Vincent a réussi la POM (son armée est jouable)... par contre, n'aurais-tu pas oublié le soclage ? :-)

    Bon boulot quand même !


  2. I'd say you have done a good job on those. Aren't they wargames factory though?

  3. Very nice work! The long pig-tailed bearded ax man in the rear of the picture really turned my head...Sweet!

  4. bon travail il reste plus qu'à faire les socles

  5. I know what you mean about plastics, though the lot I have just finished I went between throwing paint in the general direction to painting shields that I think are in a few cases excellent.

    I don't see anything that I would not be happy with, with your figures though. I think it's more a mind set than reality towards the plastic. i.e. they are better than you think as you have a negative attitude from the start


  6. I've not tried plastics myself, but I can see how they would be frustrating lacking the detail of the metal miniatures. Still a great job you've done Sir.

  7. Nice job Seb. Yeah, sometimes plastics can have that 'gumby limbed' effect that comes off as kind of awkward. It totally depends on the sculpts of course. I find I really like the Perry stuff as they restrict how much you can fiddle with the figure, thereby keeping the potential of whacky poses to a minimum.

  8. I like that blue, it looks really saturated. What paints / colours did you use?

    1. first, daler and rowney blue ink, then badab black wash, then highlight with GW former regal blue. Easy ;)