Friday 6 July 2012


Yesterday evening, we were about 14 people who decided to have a SAGA Fest, ie a gaming night full of warbands. And as you can see, it was a jolly good night, with Normans, Anglo-Danes, some Scots and lots of Vikings. It was my first games, followed by many others that night ( 4 in total) and I had a lot of fun. Definitely a game to play again some time.

And just for you:


  1. If you guys are still playing SAGA next year, I'll bring my own war band and take part. Hmm, did I just promise to have a finished war band next year? That might have been a mistake...

  2. très sympa tout ça
    ton blog est toujours aussi dynamique
    bravo aussi pour le cr de la partie fog

  3. hé !
    j'ai réussi !
    je reviendrai

  4. A damn good night, I'm still waiting on Ray to sort out a SAGA game.....

  5. Looks like fun. and yes Fran I will sort out a Saga game soon, you might get invited, if you behave yourself!

  6. 14 people turned out for a club event and you got 4 games in? Color me green with envy!