Sunday 15 July 2012

When you mix Chinese rice with Greek wine and Italian wheat, you get?

Ok, I had trouble finding a title not too bland, but then I'm not sure of this one either. Anyway, at last you'll get an Art de la guerre battle report, played 7 weeks ago... I know Jesse, I know, but now the wrong will be corrected.

Titre moyen aujourd'hui, je le concede, mais que voulez-vous, c'est pas toujours facile . Voici donc un rapport de bataille joue il y a environ 7 semaines contre Jesse.

So he decided to play to play his Syracusan army, while I would have a go with my almost undefeated Chinese, well at least in FOG... I got the initiative and followed the principles of Sun-Tzu, by deciding I'd be attacking, meaning I'd get a bonus to play first. Here's the battlefield.

Il jouait ses Syracusains contre mes Chinois invaincus... a FOG. J'obitnes l'initiative et decide d'attaquer, m'octroyant ainsi un beau bonus pour jouer en premier. Voici le champ de bataille.

I also get to deploy my army second. So Jesse placed his first corps, then mine...And what? Only two army corps? Hmm, I see two possible ambushes there in the fields, so I'll go and meet him there. I have two identical corps, full of crossbows and two handed weapons, with some cavalry support. In reserve, the heavy chariots. In front of me, a corps of hoplites, some of them poor, with some cavalry support, and then a wing of cavalry. Hmmm. What could the rest be? A lot of men can be hidden in ambushes...

Grace a l'initiative, je me deploie en second. Que vois-je? seulement deux corps? Le petit Jesse aurait-il mis des troupes en embuscade? marche de flanc? Hmmm... Je decide faire simple, possedant deux corps identiques, avec arbaletriers, hallebardiers et cavalerie, et en reserve mes puissants chariots. De son cote, Jesse a deploye au centre son corps d'hoplites, de qualite variee, et une aile de cavalerie. Que me reserve-t-il?

the Syracusan cavalry wing

the hoplite corps
And thanks to my attack bonus, I started the game! I first moved my cavalry to protect the flanks and scout the ambushes. What will happen next? As soon as I have more time, you'll get it ;)

Grace a mon bonus, je joue en premier, et decide d'avancer, en commencant par ma cavalerie qui va proteger mes flancs tout en faisant de la reconnaissance. Que va-t-il se passer ensuite? la suite des que je peux ;)


  1. Quoi, quoi? Juste une petite mise en bouche? On trépigne d'impatience après un début de CR très réussi...

  2. I prefer, and drink, Italian wine...;-)


  3. You can't leave it there!!!!

    We demand answers LOL


  4. Oooh, those sneaky Syracusan . . . ites? Looking forward to the rest of this.

  5. Its like watching the old Buster Crabb, Flash Gordon films, it always ends on a cliff hanger!!

  6. La suiiiiite ! Que s'est il passé ? alors, alors !!!!

    1. Et alors? Et alors? Zorro est arriveeeeeee

      he he