Sunday 17 November 2013

A painting challenge - Peckinpah style, and badgers

It's finally that time of the year: Curt is about to launch his now famous painting competition. Last year, my par objective was 1000 points, which I didn't reach, with a total of around 780 points. Therefore this year I'll try to reach first the 800 mark. I have some 28mm to paint, and since Curt has kindly provided some bonus points for particular entries, I might be available to reach them. I've already found what I needed for most of these special entries. Hin hin. Anyway, I now have a lot of prepping to do. Good luck to all the contestants, and may the best win! Tomorrow, everything I did at Warfare, with my loot and some info about Jugula.

L'hiver approche, et Curt va lancer sa fameuse competition de peinture. J'avais reussi avec peine a atteindre les 780 points l'an dernier, alors que mon objectif etait de 100 points. Je vais donc etre plus raisonnable et tenter d'atteindre les 800 cette annee. J'ai du 28mm a peindre, et Curt a opportunement cree des points bonus pour certaines entrees. Ca tombe, j'ai de quoi/ trouve de quoi a acheter, pour obtenir une bonne partie de ces points. Alors bonne chance a tous, sauf un;) Et demain, tout je vous raconterai ce que j'ai fait a Warfare, et je vous dirai tout ce que je sais sur Jugula, et je vous  montrerai ce que j'ai achete.

Oh, and booh to the sandbagging badger in budgie smugglers ;)

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