Monday 18 November 2013

All about my Warfare 2013

Tim (madaxeman) and I had agreed for a pick-up on Saturday morning. So, at precisely 7.15AM, I saw him arriving down my street. I was already outside, in the cold, while my family was still comfortably asleep. Anyway. After 45min of driving along the M4, we arrived at Reading to pick Simon and Dave up. We then drove to the Leisure center and went for a little walk to have a nice breakfast at the Gorge ( it was so huge I didn't eat anything before dinner).

Tim (madaxeman) et moi avions convenu d'un covoiturage le samedi matin. A 7h15 petantes, je le vis arriver dans ma rue. Chapeau la ponctualite. J'etais deja dehors, ma petite famille dormant encore. Apres 45min d'autoroute, nous arrivames a Reading pour recuperer Simon and Dave. Puis direction le lieu de la convention pour garer la voiture, et direction le cafe pour un petit dejeuner veritablement pantagruelique.

At 10AM, the doors opened to the public and I went in. When walking down the alleys, I had the impression it was less well attented than last time. As I expected, the demos didn't really catch my eyes, Warfare being mostly a giant supermarket and about tournaments, but still, a good number of them looked interesting, and some really nice:

A 10h, ouverture des portes. Comme je m'y attendais, les demos etaient tres inegales at loin d'etre toutes attirantes, mais certaines m'ont bien plu visuellement. Il faut dire que Warfare est avant tout un supermarche et un lieu pour les tournois. J'ai toutefois eu l'impression qu'il y avait moins de monde. Bon toutes proportions gardees bien sur, car cela nous ferait rever en France.

I talked to people here and there, and finally bought more or less what I wanted: some Peter Pig minis to complete my Longstreet army, and some Biblical Essex for another project. But shhhhh. All in all, a good day. Tomorrow, I'll tell you about Jugula ;)

J'ai passe pas mal de temps a discuter de-ci, de-la, et j'ai trouve en gros ce que je voulais, des Peter Pig pour terminer mon armee Longstreet pas commencee, et des figs Bibliques Essex pour un nouveau projet. Demain, je vous dirai ce que j'ai retenu de Jugula. A +

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