Sunday 19 January 2014

Choices of week #3

It's that time of the week when I like sharing the links I enjoyed during this past week. But first of all, welcome to Phil. I wanted to post more, including some stuff I had painted for the analogue hobbies challenge (about ACW and biblical) and post a pic of my workbench for Sofie, butI caught the flu, combined with a tonsilitis. That's real life, all right. Fortunately, things should go back to normal very soon.

 Nous voici donc de nouveau pour ma selection des sites posts de la semaine. J'avoue ne pas avoir ete des plus actifs, mais bon, j;ai cumule petite grippe et angine blanche. La LEM quoi. Bon, c'est pas grave, je vais me rattraper la semaine prochaine.Allez, on y va.

Once again, lots of links, lots of batreps and nice minis. Here we go. This time, in the chronological order of posting:
First, a  nice batrep for the Zulu war in 6mm, by our esteemed Big Lee:
Tout d'abord, un batrep en 6mm sur les guerres zouloues:

And whan we talk about batreps, one of the best references is James, and this time it's all about Russia and Prussia during the Seven Years war. Just stunning:
Puis, James nous gratifie de superbes photos d'une bataille entre Prusse et Russie durant la guerre de 7 ans:

After all this reading, a look at a promising start for a 15mm samurai army. Beware, it's in French:
Un petit tour pour voir un debut d'armee samurai:

Right. Let's continue with other units to look at, with first some Napoleonic Polish cavalry. Ijust love Polish units, and might do sme, someday...:
Puis des Polonais 1er Empire:

And we also have some good-lookin' reb horsemen, I tell ya:
et de bien beaux cavaliers sudistes:

Because you read until here. For our esteemed female readers, see a bit further

If we go back some centuries earlier, change continent and scale, we'll find a nicely painted Arab army in 15mm:
Une belle armee arabe en 15mm:

Next, we have a review. If you're into ww2, you might find this post interesting. The author, Dux Homunculorum, describes the new supplement of Battlegroup Kursk, about the Fall of the Reich. Quite wort the read, and I'll probably pick the rules, should I wander again in the mists of the period:
Une presentation du nouveau supplement de Battlegroup Kursk. Pas mal:

Now. Back to something lighter, with first a giveaway. Check them out:
Un petit giveway:
I can propose a very nicely painted Tibetan army, full of bows and cataphracts. WArning, once again, it's in French. But you're for the pictures, aren't you?
Une tres belle armee tibetaine. Alors zyeutez donc:

Our friend iron Mitten is finally back, with a nice story about a dwarf and some goblins. In fact, he wanted to know how many greenskins should be necessary to inflict a wound on a dwarf hero, in Warhammer 2nd edition. Here is the result. Warning you have many episodes, and he also drew it on his previous posts:
Iron Mitten est de retour, avec un beau fil de posts, consacres aux exploits d'un hero nain face a des hordes gobelines. N'hesitez pas a retourner en arriere, il les a dessines egalement:

Do you like gladiator movies?

Ok. Two more and I'm done. If you like Dystopian wars, ad WW1, go have a look over there. A French guy (another one, I know), has started a project, adapting DW rules to play WW1 naval battles. Some cards are visible:
Un debut d'adaptation de Dystopian War a la 1re guerre mondiale:

And finally, a truly MASSIVE game ACW, with a batrep of Antietam. Just go for the pics only if you want, it's worth a look:
et de tres belles photos d'une reconstitution de la bataille d'Antietam:

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