Wednesday 22 February 2012

Dim-sun or Curry indian style? A FOG batrep

Hi everyone. At last, my first battlereport for FOG, in our internal comp. I was facing Gordon and his hordes of nellies and bowmen. On her blog, Tamsin simply stated that she was roughly beaten. So, what happened to me? Well, I got the initiative, so I chose a developped terrain, to place some enclosed field, which the nellies don't like, while my infantry didn't care about. And this is the terrain we played on:

Voici donc mon premier batrep pour FOg durant notre tournoi interne. J'affronte Gordon et ses hordes indiennes, avec archers et elephants. J'ai l'inititative, donc je choisis du terrain pourri pour canaliser ses babars , avec deux hamps clos sur ma gauche et un vaillage a droite:

For your information, I had:
- 1 Bg of chariots ( panzer if you like)
- 2 Bg of skirmishers
- 2 Bg of light horse
- 3 Bg of mixed troups
- 1 Bg of spearmen
- 1 Bg of cavalry

Two enclosed fields on my left, and one strange looking-but-surely-an-Indian-crappy-village-not-worthy-of-the-benefits-of-the-civilization, aka a dump. Well, without having any terrainon my side, I was still happy with it, simply because Gordon's nellies would be channelled, while I could go everywhere. 

His army was deployed mainly on my left, while I opted for a more compact solution, in the center.

woops, blurry picture

On Turn 1:
  • Gordon's right wing move forward ( wow that is fast), and one unit on his left enters Balamory, sorry, the crappy village. His troups on the center don't do anything (bad curry for lunch?).
  • I decide to move my cavalry on the right, while my infantry goes left, ready to strike . The chariots are in reserve.
Gordon s'est surtout masse sur ma gauche, et avance rapidement, mais ce n'est pas grave car mon infantry se redeploie, prete a frapper en direction des champs.
sorry again...

During the following turns, my plan seems to go perfectly well, as Gordon keeps advancing, and my infantry wings creeps towards his bowmen in the field. Meanwhile, my skirmishers try to catch their opponents, and my cavalry is still moving on the right. And then...

Mon plan se deroule sans accroc comme dirait mon heros Hannibal Smith. Je me prepare tranquillement, ma cavalerie va batifoler a droite, je temporise au centre et... je frappe a gauche sur sa pauvre infanterie avec mes tortues et mes taureaux. Et comme vous pouvez le voir, c'est une boucherie indienne que je vais pouvoir ouvrir :)

- Are nellies good to eat? Well, we'll see soon enough


Oh look, they're finally moving...
I didn't want to wait for the oncoming onslaught, so.... Chargeeeeee! First the turtles then the bulls raced towards the bowmen, and...

After a few exchange of hallberds and swords, ok, mostly hallberds in their face, the bowmen flee and disrupt/ fragment everything in their path...

Rien ne resiste a mon infanterie...

Weren't there some more Indian troups there before, ark ark...

Gordon knows the end is coming, so he unleashes hell, well his nellies, and tries to attack my cavalry on his left flank...

Gordon tente des charges pour me briser, avec ses elepahnts et sa cavalerie, mais non seulement je tiens, mais en plus je gagne!

Brace yourselves lads!

No need to brace ourselves guys, we're winning!

But it was too late. My units held their ground and the game was over, time was up. Gordon had lost 12 points out of 13 and I lost... 2 points. My chariots were fragmented against... bloody bowmen.

So, for my first game ever of FOG, I didn't do badly. I didn't fell into his trap in the center, and in fact I used it to trash his infantry. The Chinese infantry is bloddy good, very resilient and efficient in melee. But I still need to learn how to use correctly the skirmishers in these rules. 

Bref, Gordon a perdu 12 points sur 13 et moi, seulement 2... Mes putians de chariots qui se font fait avoir par des putains de mangeurs de curry armes d'arcs. Enfin, pour ma premiere partie de FOG, je suis content, car je ne crois pas avoir fait d'erreurs.

Unit of the match: the Tigers: outnumbered almost 3-1, they held and routed one unit and killed a general. Well done!
Worst unit: my chariots! they didn't do anything and got fragged by bowmen though they were better...


  1. Two beautiful armies and you started with a win! Nicely done!

  2. Nice battle report.

    Using skirmishers? Get them in the front - shoot at anything that comes into range then run away. Repeat ad infinitum.

    Or get them around the back of Disrupted troops. They get a -1 for threatened flank / rear and you can charge them in one they go Fragmented to cause an instant rout.

    1. thanks for the tips, though with 4*3 feet tables, it's not that easy.

    2. Skirmishers never cause a -1 to CT for threatened flank. Also only LH skirmishers may charge battle troops in open terrain. Light foot cannot even in flank or rear or into fragmented

  3. nice AAR, Seb! Any chance of posting the one for your match against Tim before tomorrow night? ;)

    Unfortunately for me, even if you'd posted this earlier it wouldn't have helped me much in my match against Gordon as he reconfigured everything to counteract all my lovely lancers :(

  4. Great report, now wonder Gordon changed his battle plan, sounds as though he was well and truly spanked!

  5. Très sympa, cette partie...avec de bien jolies figurines en plus. Ceci dit, j'en ai vu certaines non peintes...Si, si!
    Bref, on souhaite à Gordon une bonne revanche, et encore bravo.

  6. Ton armée rend super bien sur une table !!!!!J'adore ton chariot d'argent... LOL