Friday 10 February 2012

Just a quickie

As I told you a couple of days ago, I've received a parcel from Museum Miniatures. The minis looked ok to me, so I was wondering if I should order more while the sales were still going on. Needless to say I'm weak, so I ordered enough troups to paint more options. And I received the parcel today, while sipping a cup of coffee:

oohhh crossbows

yum, spearsssss ( with armour)

and chariots of course

Il y a peu je vous avais annonce un petit krakage chez Museum. Et j'avais emis la vague hypothese de recommander chez eux avant la fin des soldes.... Ok, je suis faible, tres faible, mais du coup, je me suis pris de quoi peindre de nouvelles options chinoises, avec des arbaletes, des lances et hallebardes et des chariots. Arf, c'est bon de succomber a la tentation.


  1. Unpacking a newly arrive parcel of miniatures is one of life's greatest pleasures!

  2. It'll keep you going for a while at the very least.....

  3. C'est bon d'être faible parfois, ça donne envie de commander qque chose juste pour le plaisir de trouver u paquet dans la boite.


  4. Reste à trouver le temps de peindre...Courage!

  5. Looks sweet, I always have liked their figures and the new stuff is really good. Seem to have a more standard sizing now


  6. Museum do make some nice figures!! Happy painting!!!