Monday 13 February 2012


Sorry people, slightly out of topic, but I've just received my TOEFL results. Out of 120 points ( internet based test), I've got:

- 30/30 in reading ( yeah man)
- 27/30 in listening ( Yeahhhh)
- 26/30 in speaking ( what the heck?)
- 28/30 in writing ( come on!!!!!)

Am I good or what?  Ok, now I can fairly assume I'm proficient in English, and Ican prouve it. See ya!

Completement hors sujet, mais je viens juste de recevoir mes resultats du TOEFL, examen que je passe il y a peu. Comme vous pouvez le voir ci-dessus, je pense avoir bien assure! Comment je vais me la peter grave.
Bon, je retourne a mes pinceaux.


  1. +1.

    Not a real shock though, it's clear you're proficient in the language.

  2. Alors félicitations. Pardon, "congratulations".

  3. Kongratulashons! Nise won Ser, relly gud worc!!!

  4. Well done!! Your English is a lot better than some of those that use it as their first language!