Friday 23 March 2012

In the FOG- a spectator view about FOG napoleonic

You know Baldrick, as a great philosopher said, Gordon to be more precise, there must be some great rules hidden beneath this... Baldrick, stop chasing that rat, I'm not that hungry!

Ok, instead of painting, I went to the club, partly to chat and drink, yes, my pub night is on Thursday, not Friday, sorry people, and also partly to watch a game of the newly published Osprey rules system: FOG Napoleonic. Erm, what can I say... I've been extremey impressed... by the... Erm... Ok, to be honest, and I'll quote Gordon again, "these rules have set a new standard for badly written rules" Enough said I suppose. It might be good, but honestly, I was there for about 2h30 and all they achieved was three turns, including one assault. Yes, I'm impressed. Yes, they were discovering the rules, but they had already read them and have some previous FOG experience, so they should have been in a rather known gaming area, shouldn't they?  From the little I could see, it seems to be "PIP-based but we're not saying it is PIP based", and the tests seem to be easier to pass. Cavalry go around squares and arty can evade. That's all I could remember...

Ottomans Vs Prussians...

white squares= command points

apparently, things went wrong for the Ottomans  
apparemment, tout ne s'est pas bien passe pour les Ottomans

Au lieu de peindre, hier soir, je suis passe au club, a la fois pour discuter et boire un verre, car pour moi les soirees pub ont lieu le jeudi et non le vendredi, et egalement pour voir une partie test de FOG- Napo, qui vient tout juste de sortir. Alors, certes les joueurs venaient de recevoir la regle, mais ils ont eu le temps de la lire, et ont une certaine experience a FOG. Donc a priori, ca devrait tourner... Pour etre honnete, au bout de 2h30, ils avaient joue a peu pres 2-3 tours, et fait une phase d'assaut... Gordon considere que la regle vient d'etablir le nouveau standard en matiere de mauvaise redaction, c'est dire... De ce que j'ai pu en voir, il y a un faux aspect points de commandement, les tests semblent plus faciles a realiser, et la cavalerie va ignorer et tourner autour des carres d'infanterie. A part ca...


  1. 3 tours pour 2h30 de jeu, tu lui fais une sacrée pub, à la règle!
    ceci dit, ça avait l'air d'être une jolie partie. Les effectifs étaient disproportionnés apparemment, au vu de la première photo...

  2. Thats pretty much what I heard from someone else this week. Some good concepts in there somewhere, but lost in some dreadfully badly written rules, with all of the good design and layout points from previous versions of FoG lost along the way as well and none of the lessons (needs a better index etc) learnt either.

  3. My God!! I can hardly believe after so many years thta people makes the same blunders again and again. This is like technology today: I see aincreasingly people designing many solutions... for non-existant problems; or as a friend of mine said, solutions looking for problems to solve. The same with wargaming rules, instead of looking to learn the key aspects of a period and simulate those aspects, they create rules and the tyr to adapta the periods. Long live to TooFatLardies, that at least have it the right way

  4. I don't like FOG which IMHO is like watching paint dry and is why I play Impetus and for Naps I quite like LaSalle so I think I'll pass on the FOG Naps. That said thanks for the review.


  5. C'est pas cette fois encore que je re peindrai du napo...mais je suis content de voir que je ne suis pas le seul amateur de Black A du temps où il passait sur France 3.

    Vincent, demain, j'aurai une pensée pour toi;-)

  6. With Chris on this one, don't like FOG much myself. It's just a bit predictable though I can see why it would be popular in the tournament circles. Don't think I'll be picking this one up. Cheers for the heads-up.

  7. I bought the original rules and couldn't make head nor tale of them, far too complicated for my feeble mind!!

  8. @Ray - is that really you, or has Fran purloined your account to post about your feeble mind? ;)

    @Seb - thanks for letting us know. Maybe by the time I get around to doing Naps they'll have sorted them out, but I'd probably be going 6mm anyway, and likely not using FoG rules

    1. Thar's the problem. I want to do Naps but no rules are satisfactory at the moment.