Monday 19 March 2012

Itsie teeny weenie updatie

Right. It's been a couple of days without any updates on the blog. Well, it wasn't my fault, for two reasons: First I've been busy sending CV and applications forms, and second, my daughter is sick.. again, though it doesn't seem to be alarming... So, as you can understand, I couldn't really paint and reduce my lead hill. But I really hope to get things going again asap. But, because a post without a pic is not really a post, here is what I could manage on the legionaries: the base colours for the tunics, wood, skin and metal, plus a wash.

Sick eh? It reminds me one day when I woke up early at noon, I wasn't feeling very well. I had to much to drink, I suppose, it couldn't have been the sausages, no, not the sausages... Hmm, so you're daughter must be naughty... Saucy!

Salut a tous. desole pour ce petit manque de mise a jour, mais a cela deux raisons: tout d'abord j'ai passe pas mal de temps a faire des CV et les envoyer, puis ma fille est a nouveau malade... Rien de grave, juste ennuyeux. Du coup je n'ai pas vraiment peint, mais comme pour moi un post sans image n'est pas un vrai post, voila ce que j'ai pu faire sur les legionnaires. C'est peu je le reconnais, mais ca devrait avancer rapidement.

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