Saturday 31 March 2012

Warsaw Pact redux

Good news Milord! It's time to celebrate! We should have a costume party. Oh I love the dresses, the laughter, and the ladies... And what are those strange noisy machines?

Good news indeed. A couple of days ago, I won an auction on Ebay. I received it today and tadaa! No need for me to paint a Warsaw Pact army for Cold War Commander. I made a calculation, and there should be around 5,000 points there, with T-55, T-72, some BMP and BTR, some infantry and a HIND, yes, I'm happy. Ok, it's not a first class paintjob, but it'll do. The helicopters' blades were damged, but they're now fixed, and I also have a few spare tanks to use as scenics/objectives markers. Will the Red tide engulf Europe?

J'ai de quoi etre content en effet, car il y a peu j'ai remporte une enchere sur ebay, comprenant de quoi faire 5000 points de troupes du pacte de Varsovie. C'est pas beau la vie? Pas besoin de les peindre, et j'ai du choix, parmi les T-55 et T-72, quelques BMP et BTR, et surtout un HIND. Yes, j'adore cet helico. A cote de ca, quelques vehicules qui me serviront de marqueurs d'objectifs.


  1. That's a nice selection of bits and pieces in 6mm look forward to seeing before to long