Monday 12 March 2012

Small is beautiful

Erm, no real painting done yesterday, so my Roman scorpions are not finished. They should be tomorrow, at least I think so. Meanwhile, I received my order for my Cold War French army project in 6mm: They're from GHQ, and I must say they're wonderful. I might even start painting some of them, just to get the feeling of thew scale:

Pas vraiment de peinture hier, donc les scorpions romains ne sont pas encore tout a fait termines. Ce sera surement fait demain. En attendant, je ne peux resister au plaisir de vous montrer ma commande GHQ pour mon projet armee francaise guerre froide. Elles sont magnifiques, et je crois que je vais vite succomber a la peinture pour savoir si j'arrive a peindre cette echelle.


  1. I have a few GHQ WWII tanks - most detailed miniatures I have ever seen.

    6mm is fairly easy as a scale (to paint) - a little bit expensive if you go with GHQ but totally worth it. Good luck.. I mean bonne chance on the project!

  2. Bon, d'accord, mais on n'oublie pas les scorpions, hein?

  3. 6mm goodness, nothing like a bit of cold war.....

  4. Looking forward to seeing these all painted up!