Saturday 5 May 2012

After one year of hard work...

Indeed people. Today is my blog's birthday! Hurray! 1 year of blogging on Blogspot, where I discovered lots of charming, funny, interesting bloggers, got hooked by many good projects and of course where I posted my humble musings and painting.

Happy barfday!

Thanks to you, I was always motivated enough to keep painting and blogging, and consequently, my painting level improved quite substantially. I dare say I'm not a bad one now, and it's thanks to you.
In fact, I might consider taking more painting commissions now, once the Romans and one or two other things are finished.
 Now, without being as posting efficient as Tamsin, I'll try to post as many times as possible, and I wanted to ask you all: For about 3 weeks, I posted a comment loosely based on Blackadder. Do you think I should continue?

While you're thinking about it, I recommend you to visit Ian's blog, with lots of interesting stuff about ECW and obscure battles, amongst other things. And there is a give away.

Et voila. Ca fait un an que je bloggue sur blogspot. 1 annee remplie de projets et d'envies glanees sur les autres blogs. Grace a vous, j'ai pu rester motive pour continuer a peindre et m'ameliorer, et sans me vanter, je pense que mon niveau s'est un peu ameliore, au point d'envisager de reprendre des commandes de peinture, des que 2-3 trucs en cours seront termines.
Je vais donc continuer a poster le plus regulierement possible, et j'en profite pour vous poser une chtite question: devrais-je continuer avec mon delire Blackadder?

Pendant que vous reflechissez au sujet, je vous engage a visiter le blog d'Ian, sur lequel vous trouverez des choses interessantes sur la guerre civile anglaise, ainsi que quelques batailles peu connues. Ca vaut le detour.


  1. Happy birthday Back To The Minis!

    A year of blogging is definitely something to celebrate. As for the Blackadder comments, yes, definitely continue with those :)

  2. happy blog birthday! always an exciting benchmark.

  3. Happy Blog Birthday Seb!!! Keep the Edmund comments coming!!!

  4. Congratulations! Keep up the good work. And yes keep the blackadder!

  5. Happy Blogs Day, looking forward to that date myself.

    Keep the Blackadder stuff, it's all good and thanks for the plug, it's been amazing the reaction


  6. Black Addder, c'est trop bon. J'avais découvert ça lors d'un séjour linguistique en Irlande...ça me rapelle plein de bons souvenirs. Continue!

  7. Bon anniversaire et oui, continue avec Blackadder!


  8. Happy blog day! well done on keeping the painting and blogging goinf. A yes more blackadder.. WOOOF!

  9. Happy 1 year! Keep up the good work, sir.

  10. well, that's it then. Blackadder, here we go again!