Sunday 1 April 2012


Lord Percy, this is the retailer...

Yes, ouch. Unfortunately, yesterday, in the early evening, my trusty computer just passed away... Apparently every USB port just died and when I tried to touch it, it just went off... So, up early this morning ( with a toddler though , it's easy to be up early on Sundays) and then off to get a new PC. Saddly, I lost quite a lot of things, mostly wargame related, including pics from games, but nothing major's gone. Phewww. Still, it hurts to spend more money on this, especially three weeks before Salute...

Aieeeuuuh. J'en ai encore mal. Mon ordi est mort hier en debut de soiree, avec tous les ports USB qui ont lache les uns apres les autres et pis pouf! Bref, debout tot ce matin pour aller en acheter un nouveau; oui en Angleterre les magasins sont ouverts le dimanche. Il est dommage d'avoir perdu des donnees, mais rien d'important ni d'irremplacable. M'enfin quand meme, ca fait une nouvelle depense, a 3 semaines de Salute...


  1. Can you extract the HDD from the old computer? If so, then you should be able to recover the files

    I'm probably due to buy a new 'puter - been using this laptop for about 4 years now, and MS has almost filled the Windows partition with all of their bloody updates and patches

  2. Good news if you can get your old files recovered.
    I've noticed that everytime I get a new, faster computer with more memory MS releases a new mark that uses up the new space and the extra memory!

  3. Mon disque dur a sombré corps et âme il y a 2 mois...une vraie galère...alors je compatis...bon courage!

  4. Bon courage on a tous eu pareil :/

  5. Sorry to hear about your computer troubles Seb , mine is held to gether with sticky tape and rubber bands currently !!

  6. Well, I'll try to recover some datas later tonight... RIp dear old friend