Sunday 2 February 2014

Choices of the week #5

Huget scores!
Is this our 5th rendez-vous? Already? Well, not bad at all. I'm still motivated to continue this series, so here we go. But just before beginning our wonderful tour of the wargaming blogosphere, a quick message to our fellow from the UK (ok , I live here, but hey): We won! We won! In the nick of time, and after a great game, in which everything could have happened. Well played England, but, we were the best!

Voila donc notre 5e rendez-vous! Le temps passe et la motivation est toujours la, pour vous offrir ce que je pense etre le meilleur de la semaine sur la blogosphere. Mais juste avant de debuter la selection, petit moment patriotique: Bravo les gars! Beau match contre les rosbifs! Ca leur fera du bien! C'est bizarre, mais ils etaient tres calmes dans le pub en face de chez moi hier soir, niark niark!  Allez, c'est parti pour la tournee des liens.

First of all, welcome to my new followers:Lord of Excess, Sofie, rct75001.

Ok, here we go.

First of all, a very nicely painted 28mm Hunnic army, done in one month. I know I couldn't achieve this result in such a short time:

Ray the badger gives us a nice account of a fictious napoleonic battle, opposing him and Fran:

Then, still in the Napoleonic era, the 4th part of a megabattle: nothing less than Borodino in 1812. Worth a look, just for the sheer size of it:

I know, more Napoleonics. But this time, it's a batrep from Monty, set up during the cold winter of 1812. Very a propos at this time of year:

Then a bit more of Huget, just for you:
Relaxed. I'm good and eat rosbif every morning...

Next, if you're into druidism, well, I'm sure you'll like what Simon received: a nice 28mm vignette, with a druid and a sacrifice:

Now, this one is amongst my favourites for this week. In this post, the blogger shows us a few ACW scratchbuilt ships! And by the look of of it, they're huge. It's amazing what you can acheive when you're motivated:

The following might not show a lot, yet, but it will be promising. The author wants to recreate the battle of Marathon, and started with the terrain board. So far, so good:

If you like elephants, please follow this link. You 'll find a wonderfully painted Sassanid elephant, in 28mm:

Excuse me sir? Where are the English?

If you like building kits, well, this one is for you: a watertank for an Old West town, with pics from the beginning to the end. Trust me, the final result is worth it, and worth considering too, should you want to create a Wild West town:

If you like the sun, the sand, the blood, then you like the crusades era. So you like like these 15mm Ayyubid horsemen, from Legio heroica, and very well painted. I very much like the turquoise. Phil, how do you paint your turquoise?

And finally, some nicely painted 1/72 woodland Indians. They're worth a look, and we often forget that 1/72 sets can give you a lot in terms of scenics:

Ok, ok, Sorry for the banter about the English team. They played well, and were a bit lucky. But after last year miserable performance, I had to do it. No offense guys!


  1. Extremeeeeeeeely lucky is what I call it!

  2. Très bon match avec un beau jeu, merci aux deux équipes, dommage pour la rose.


    1. bon ce sera different contrel 'Irlande et le pays de Galles

  3. Allez les blues! A great game.. I shall be watching live the Écosse game..

  4. Sports!? We're wargamers thus teasing about sports has no effect on most of us. If the wargaming shows are anything to go by, the only sports we would do well in are burger eating and beer drinking! :-) :-)

    1. and sports with boobs ? Beach volley anyone?

  5. Just wait until Wales gets a hold of your precious Les Bleus. Grrr....

  6. Et y sont où, et y sont où, et y sont où les...bon, j'arrête, j'pense qu'il y a plus d'Anglais que de Français dans tes bravo pour les liens, je n'avais vu ni les navires ni l'éléphant...
    PS : bon, un peu de chance il faut le reconnaître...

    1. Non non, un peu plus de Francais que d'Anglais ;)
      Et y sont ou? et y sont ou?

  7. Merci de m'avoir fait l'honneur de me choisir (oy plutôt mes figs...).
    Pour répondre à ta question, je peins mon bleu turquoise au pinceau LOL. Il s'agit d'un bleu de la gamme Decormatt de chez Marabu.