Sunday 16 February 2014

Choices of the week #7

Barely dropped my luggage at my parents' house, and I'm up and running. I can't let you down, especially when, like last week, about 800 posts were published. I might be on holidays, but it not a reason for not being serious ;)

J'ai à peine déposé ma valise chez mes parents que j'en profite pour vous faire la revue de la semaine. Je suis peut-être en vacances, mais ce n'est pas une raison pour devenir une feigne. Allez hop

We'll start with some built stuff, whether scratchbuilt or not. First, a nice early 20th century vehicle. Simple yet very interresting. Honestly, I might go back into modelling some day:

To follow, some Normandy buildings, rather well painted:

You always struggle when trying to build a forest? Well, follow this link, and the light shall be yours:

You want some fantasy? Well, what about those stunningly well painted Empire halberdiers:

If you're interested in the Winter war between Finland and the USSR, just have a look there, you have a review and some painted minis from Warmodelling (in 20mm):

What we have now are two batreps for the price of one! In Canada and in Zululand. And the terrains are just superb!

Another batrep, about Henri 4th of France:

A bit of ACW, with first some 28mm dismounted Union cavalry, and then some US regulars:

Do you like movies about gladiators? Should that be the case, this link is for you:

Do you prefer horses? this blog has a series of three posts showing how he tries to paint horses as fast as possible. Interesting:

And finally, a batrep about In Her Majesty's Name:



  1. Joli boulot, une nouvelle fois, merci pour ces liens, j'adore la forêt, et pour avoir pensé à moi!

    1. tu as fait quoi, Phil pour avoir l'honneur d'être nominé ???
      (si tu as versé des pots de vins ... dis-le ! je ne le répéterai à personne !)

      Super Sébastien !

    2. De rien Phil. Attends-toi a apparaitre souvent si tu publies beaucoup ;)

      Sam, je suis difficilement achetable, car je ne suis pas à vendre :-P Bon, d'un autre côté, je ne dis pas non à un peu de plomb supplémentaire.

    3. Aucune corruption, promis...Quant à publier souvent, ce n'est pas mon truc, donc j'apprécie d'autant plus!