Sunday 23 February 2014

Choices of the week #8

if only it was warmer. No wait, 14°C today. it's tropical man!
"Oh the weather outside is frightful. But the fire is so delightful. And since we've no place to go.Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow! " And read the weekly review of, in my point of view, the best wargaming posts. But remember, if you find a good blog, just tell me. I might not know it.

Bon, à part "Etoile des neiges. Pays merveilleux", je ne connais pas vraiment de chanson de circonstance pour un mois d'hiver, en Français du moins. Alors, on se relaxe, on prend un vin chaud, et on lit ma revue des meilleurs posts de la semaine. Hop.

The week was a bit quieter with just around 650 posts, to be compared to the 800+ of the past weeks. I guess many bloggers have gone on holidays. But trust me, we have some very good quality stuff.

We'll start the review by non-historical posts, worthy of interest. No, I'm not confined to historicals. First, a WIP about a Tyranid beastie. It's not my thing, but the choice of colour is truly inspiring:

If we stay in the dark grim future.... Well, in the future anyway, the following blogger has started an Infinity project... in 15mm. Good luck mate:

And now for a bit of fantasy. A French blogger has remarquably well painted a dwarf army in 15mm for HOTT. Honestly, he's really good, using the 3 colours techniques. He has also written some fluff about his tribe (ok, in French):

I know I had given you this link last week. But the author has done it again, with a new GW halberdier, and shots from his army. My brushes cry:

Now. Time for a bit of batreps, don't you think?
First, a first for me, I think. A batrep about All quiet on the Martian Front:

Then we had a bit of yeti in a In Her Majesty's Name, with a smidge of Dragon Lady:

When tender, add in a tad of a huge 40k battle between Tyranids and Imperial guard:

Next we have a nice batrep coming from guys who want to replay a certain battle in 1815. At the moment, they're getting warmed up:

And if you don't know his blog (who doesn't?), James has started a new Punic War campaign, mixing the Hannibal boardgame and the Command and Colours system. Death to the Romans!

Now, we enter the eye-candy part. We'll begin with sceneries, with first a nice ship conversion underway:

Then,  a cute little farm in 6mm. Lovely, really:

And now! Ladies and gentlemen! The minis!

Next, a huge Celtiberian warband in 15mm. Just look at this yellow:

To follow, some 28mm Lawmen with inspiring close-ups:

And some 28mm Burgundian Bowmen:

The next two are impressive because it a shock of truly impressive mass: hordes of troups, pirates and Lybian, both in 15mm:

And finally, a personal best for me. Some SCW Moroccan troups. Nicely painted, but above all, we have the recipes for the colours! Thanks for sharing. The author has posted a few others along the same principles:

Well. That's it for the week. It's time for me to go back to my ACW stuff. Cheers


  1. Thanks to you, I've now found a couple more blogs to follow, and some great posts!

  2. Encore de très belles découvertes, merci!