Friday 6 April 2012

And the winners are...

No Blackadder pic today, sorry lads, unless you really miss it. Do you?

Ok, I've done the draw, and here is how I proceeded. There were three contestants for the Stalingrad book: CdtK, Ray and Justin. So I rolled a d6 and 1-2 CdtK, 3-4 Ray, 5-6 Justin.

Berlin was more popular with 6 contestants, so, once again one d6 : 1 CdtK, 2 Ray, 3 Ian, 4 Justin, 5 Cpt Miller, 6 fougniouf.

And the dice rolled...

So Baldrick, what do you see? Dice mylord... You stupid git!

Ray is the winner of the Stalingrad Book. Hurray!
Fougniouf gets the Berlin book. Hourrah!

Congratulations to you both

Could you send me your adress at:
sebastien.gimeno at  gmail-dot-com

Thanks again for your participation everyone.

And maybe I'll see you at Salute.


  1. Même en perdant j'ai bien aimé ton système de tirage au sort :D

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