Monday 2 April 2012

A Thirty Years War paintlog#4

My goodness Baldrick. If this goes on, they'll be as brightly coloured as I am! Are the French sissies?

Looking good. Even though the weather was nice outside, meaning I spent quite a lot of time playing at the palyground with mini-miss, I still managed to paint a bit. So, the washes are now done, and I started the highlights, beginning with the buff, then, Green, Blue and Grey. We could say I'm almost done, but there is some work to do:

Meme si j'ai bien profite du soleil pour jouer avec la pupuce au parc, j'ai quand meme bien gere mon temps puisque j'ai bien avance la peinture. Les lavis sont faits, et j'ai commence les eclaircissements des vestes, du bleu, vert et gris. . J'y suis presque.


  1. These guys are coming along nicely :)

  2. Very nice. I'm looking forward to seeing these guys through to the tabletop!

  3. Ils sont vraiment chouettes, j'aime bien celui qui vise...A vrai dire, j'aime beaucoup celui qui recharge aussi!

  4. Thanks a lot fellas. They're almost done now