Monday 30 April 2012

Do you want proof?

A few days ago, I dared say I was using a headtorch when painting. And some of you wanted a proof. Well, yesterday evening, while inking and washing my unit, I took my tablet and here is the picture:

So, my third unit is almost complete now. I just need to do some touch-ups and highlights, and then varnish and voila.

you an see a real difference

Comme j'avais ose dire que j'utilisais une lampe frontale pour peindre, j'ai du me justifier. C'est maintenant chose faite, na. Et pis j'en profite pour vous montrer l'avancee de mon battlegroup. Il ne me reste plus qu'a faire les eclaircissements et vernir le tout.


  1. lol! Nice one Seb! ;)

    They do look really good. That's a surprisingly effective way of doing them.

  2. Very functional Seb and nice work!

  3. Very smart indeed!!!!!! he he! I couldn't possibly use would mess my hair up!!!!

  4. Now your an Honoury Reject Seb, if you so wish, you could place the Posties Reject logo on your blog, The French Chapter of course!!!

  5. A true veteran, who uses what's necessary to get the job done. And you do it well, Sir!

  6. indeed this torch is good and you can see the results. Very efficient. Thanks everyone

  7. Je vois que toi aussi tu as le front intelligent (LOL). Cela confirme ma théorie : lorsque les cheveux tombent, le front pousse (et la barbe aussi...).
    Les chauves parlent aux chauves...
    Sinon, je vois que ton projet avance...

  8. Ok , I believe you... now does it have daylight bulbs in it?

    Certainly the figures look damn fine ! or should it Magnifique?