Friday 20 April 2012

A WIP and a Salute list

I'll be attending Salute tomorrow, and I feel really excited about it, even though I won't be staying long because of my wife's new hobby... Darn. Anyway, just before I'll show what I intend to do, let me show you first some WIP pictures:

The Romans are almost done. I just need a few touch-ups, one highlight for the spears and the white on their shields before I stick the LBMS decals.

And then I started painting my second unit of medieval ecorcheurs: longbows.

Now for the Salute part. You might have read that some bloggers do lists. Well, mine will be short:
- some 6mm stuff for my French army (already paid)
- some 28mm for SAGA (preordered already)
- some brushes and dice
- have a look at Donnington's Spartacus range for my 2013 project
- meet some bloggers
- Give Ray his prize.

And that's it! No fancy stuff just because I don't have bloody room here in London.

And speaking of Ray, he called me yesterday to act a substitute for a Postie's ACW game on Sunday. How could I refuse? My wife said ok, but I'm sure I'm gonna pay for it, someday.

Salut a tous. Demain, c'est Salute, et comme j'y serai pour peu de temps, j'ai decide d'etre organise et de faire une liste, comme d'autres bloggueurs. Comme vous le voyez, cette liste est courte. Helas, manque cruel de place a la maison. Bref, j'en profiterai pour papoter et baver devant les tables. Dans le meme temps, j'ai continue a peindre les Romains, presque finis, et commence une unite d'archers. Faut que j'avance quand meme.

Et pis, dimanhce, grosse surprise. Ray m'a contacte pour venir faire une big partie ACW. Miam, je vais en profiter a mort.Ciao.


  1. You'll probably pay sooner rather than later, see you at the show and game!

  2. Look forward to meeting you at Salute and the game.

  3. Nice WIPs

    I guess I'd better bring along your prize tomorrow then in case we do run into each other at Salute. I guess I can always leave it with one of the Rejects to hand over to you if I leave before you get there.

    Your 2013 project sounds intriguing...
    "I'm Spartacus!"

  4. I'm sure the Mrs will make you pay, lets hope its not too painful!!

  5. Hopefully I'll run in to you there tomorrow !!

  6. Have a great time tomorrow (and on Sunday with the Rejects!)