Monday 16 April 2012

Getting there

I didn't have time to post yesterday so I'm doing it now. I managed to paint quite efficiently this week-end, and I'd say the Romans horses are almost done. As you can, all that's left are the highlights and the shields. The Roman army is now almost over. Tonight I'll go to the club, and maybe I'll paly a big game of medieval FOG or a game of Ironclads. We'll see.

Meme si je n'ai pas eu le temps de poster hier, j'ai bien avance la peinture de la cavalerie romaine ce week-end, comme vous le pouvez le voir. Il ne me reste plus que les eclaircissements et les boucliers a faire. C'est bientot fini... Ce soir, direction le club, pour soit faire une mega-baston FOG medieval, ou bien une partie de petits bateaux avec Ironclads.

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  1. Good luck with whatever game you choose!

  2. Seb, Nice Job on those Romans!

  3. looking great and have a great game tonight, whatever you play!