Wednesday 4 April 2012

Bring on the grunts!

With this disguise, I think the French won't notice me...

While painting the 17th century French I was also painting their descendants, in 6mm. Now you have the full 16th GCP, the Chasserus portes, wich were a mechanized unit operating near Tubingen. There are 8 stands of infantry, some support and the HQ. Now, back to the 17th century.Or not?

Je vais etre honnete avec vous, j'ai commence cette unite en meme temps que leur ancetres du 17e siecle. Voici donc le 16e Groupement de chasseurs portes, base a Tubingen. C'etait un regiment mecanise. J'ai peint de quoi faire les 4 compagnies de combat, les supports et le HQ.


  1. Very nice!!! btw where can I get one of those hats??

  2. Good contrast to your previous post and very nicely turned out figs!

  3. Lovely figs! What kind of flock do you use on those bases?

    1. hmm. Hard to say. In fact, it's a mix from at least 3-4 different references, most of them being from Woodland Scenics

    2. OK, looks like I shall have to mix my own, then. I intend to visit CLWG in June, perhaps we can get a game in, or at least I can see some of you figures in action.

  4. See you on, Monday the 25th of June then, if all works out.